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What is a Hypothecas, what are the situations in which it applies and which is best?

Some people are familiar with the subject, others have never needed to delve into it. For the latter, we would like to explain in a few words what a mortgage is.

In most cases, in order to purchase a property, equity capital is not sufficient and it is therefore necessary to resort to a so-called loan or mortgage – more commonly known as a Hypothecas. For the lender – usually a bank – the security is a lien on the property purchased.

To obtain a Hypothecas and finance the purchase of a house or flat, you must have equity of at least 20%.

As a rule, 33 % of gross income is required to cover the total costs of the property. The annual costs for financing a property consist of:

Mortgage interest, calculated at 5 % of the mortgage loan, to secure the financing even if interest rates rise;

Depreciation (repayment) of the second Hypothecas;

Accessory costs of 1 % of the purchase price (for each year).

Before buying a house, it is a good idea to check the sustainability of the financing.

Types of hypothecation

There is no single Hypothecas; on the contrary, there are numerous mortgage models that differ in their conditions.
When taking out a Hypothecas, we recommend that you discuss your financial situation and available options with a financing expert. In this way, you will be able to find the Hypothecas that best finances the home you want.

Fixed-rate Hypothecas

A fixed-rate Hypothecas usually has a duration of two to 15 years with a fixed mortgage rate and a fixed amount. In this way, you can protect yourself against rising interest rates and plan your budget more easily.
As part of the fixed-rate mortgage, some lenders also offer the possibility of fixing the mortgage rate in advance, up to three years before a new Hypothecas is granted or an existing mortgage is extended.

Variable-rate Hypothecas

Unlike fixed-rate Hypothecas, variable-rate Hypothecas – as the name suggests – have a variable interest rate and adapt to market conditions. Their advantage is that they do not have a fixed duration or a fixed interest rate.

SARON or money market Hypothecas

Money market Hypothecas also offer a variable interest rate. But not just any interest rate, but the SARON. SARON is an abbreviation of Swiss Average Rate Overnight and is a reference rate for the Swiss franc on the SIX Swiss Exchange, which is closely based on the official Swiss National Bank guide rate.
The interest rate in the case of a SARON Hypothecas is composed of an interest rate linked to the reference rate and an individual creditor surcharge. The interest rate is usually communicated retroactively at the end of the settlement period of one to three months. The term is one, two or three years.
SARON Hypothecas are particularly suitable when money market interest rates are expected to fall. However, if interest rates rise, mortgage costs will be high.
These are suitable for those who wish to know the mortgage interest at the beginning of the tranche.

We hope that this brief explanation has been helpful and invite you, should you have any questions on any real estate topics, to contact us, we will be happy to discuss the topic further in our ‘ImmoTipps’ section.

Your anfina team

Smart Cities Observatory


MD Global Competitiveness Centre

Since 2019, the IMD Global Competitiveness Centre has compiled an annual Smart City Index, which offers a balanced focus on the economic and technological aspects of smart cities on the one hand and the “human dimensions” (quality of life, environment and inclusion) on the other.

The team consists of: Arturo Bris, Professor of Finance and Director of the IMD World Competitiveness Centre – Ilrundo di Lanvin, President of the Smart City Observatory at IMD – Christos Cabolis, Professor of Economics and Competitiveness and Chief Economist and Head of Operations at the IMD World Competitiveness Center. José Caballero Senior Economist – Marco Pistis Specialist Researcher and Maryam Zargari Specialist Researcher, who, with the statements of the citizens surveyed, the data collected in the cities and various partners, provide us with a ranking of no fewer than 142 cities worldwide for comparison.

A look at the comparative methodology used

The IMD website also gives us an insight into the methodology used and summarises the 7 most important steps.

1) The IMD Smart City Index 2024 assesses residents’ perceptions of the facilities and technology applications available to them in their city.

2) In this edition of the SCI, 142 cities worldwide are ranked by capturing the perceptions of 120 residents in each city. The final score for each city is calculated using the perceptions from the last three years of the survey, with a weighting of 3:2:1 for 2024:2023:2021.

3) There are two pillars for which residents’ perceptions are surveyed: the Facilities pillar, which refers to the cities’ existing infrastructure, and the Technology pillar, which describes the technological offerings and services available to residents.

4) Each pillar is assessed in five key areas: Health and Safety, Mobility, Activities, Opportunities and Governance.

5) Cities are categorised into four groups based on the Human Development Index (HDI) of the Global Data Lab to which they belong.

6) Within each HDI group, cities are assigned a “rating scale” (AAA to D) based on the perceived value of a particular city compared to the values of all other cities within the same group. For Group 1 (highest HDI quartile), scale AAA-AA-BBB. For group 2 (second HDI quartile), scale A-BBB-B- CCC. For group 3 (third HDI quartile), scale BB-B-C-C. For group 4 (lowest HDI quartile), scale CCC-C-D.

7) The rankings are then presented in two formats:

  • an overall score (1 to 142)
  • a score for each pillar and overall

The ranking

Now you may be wondering who is on the podium.

As always, our beloved Zurich does not disappoint and takes first place for the fourth year in a row. Followed by Oslo and Canberra.

Let’s now analyse the percentages of the individual subjects.


Zurich IMD- Rangliste


Oslo IMD- Rangliste


Canberra IMD- Rangliste

You can find more facts and figures at:

From this we can conclude that: Whether you are looking for a primary residence, a capital investment or a commercial property project, Zurich is the place for you and anfina real estate agency is always ready to provide you with the right offers in the city!

Ihr anfina-Team


Today all of our beloved Zurich celebrates spring with the traditional Sechseläuten festival.


This festival dates back to the Middle Ages and at that time celebrated the first day of summer working hours. During the winter semester, working hours in all workshops lasted until sunset, but during the summer semester (i.e. starting on the Monday following the spring equinox), the law stipulated that work had to cease when the church bells rang at six o’clock in the afternoon. It is no coincidence that the word Sechseläuten in Swiss German literally translates as ‘The ringing of the bells at six o’clock’.

The festivities used to take place on the Monday following the spring equinox, now keeping with the traction it is held on the third Monday in April.

The evolution of tradition

The star of the festival has always been a wonderful parade and accompanying Böögg, the snowman symbolising the winter that has passed.

The tradition of burning the Böögg predates the Sechseläuten, as what is now a snowman used to be a masked character who played tricks and frightened children during carnival, usually representing some disaster such as influenza.

It was only in 1892 that the guilds decided to burn the effigy, which no longer represented a disaster but winter, which is why it now resembles a snowman. The Parade and the burning of the Bögg was officially introduced in 1902.

The real stars of the festival

Today, around 3,500 guild members in costumes, typical costumes and uniforms take part in the big Sechseläuten parade. In addition, there are also 350 horsemen and 50 exclusively horse-drawn carts. 30 marching bands brighten up the atmosphere.

But that’s not all, because each year, around 2,000 to 3,000 children participate in the parade, who do not have to belong to any guild to take part in the event. During the parade, they wear typical or historical costumes and are accompanied by around 800 musicians.

Since 1991, Sechseläuten has hosted a canton, which presents its specialities on the Lindenhof. Usually, politicians from that canton attend the parade as guests of honour.

In short, a festival not to be missed! Happy Sechseläuten!

Your anfina team

Real estate market trends in Switzerland


Real estate market trends in Switzerland

The real estate market in Switzerland

Dear Readers,
Today we will take a look at the development of the real estate market and how it affects house and flat prices on average.
The RealAdvisor source reports that:
“Real estate prices in Switzerland have increased by 1.1% over the past 12 months. The graph below shows the evolution of real estate prices over the last 24 years. Over the past 20 years, prices per m² for houses and flats have increased by 84.9%.

graph below shows the evolution of real estate prices over the last 24 years.

Average Real Estate Price in Switzerland

  • The average price for houses currently on the market is CHF 1,190,000.
  • The asking price for 80% of the properties is between CHF 462,000 and CHF 2,950,000.
  • The average price per m² in Switzerland is CHF 7,473/ m² (price per square metre).

Real estate market development paints cantons.

Among the red areas with a substantial increase in real estate market prices we find: in first place the canton of Zug, followed immediately by the canton of Geneva

See the differences:

Canton of Zug

Canton of Zug

Real estate prices in the canton of Zug have risen by 3.6% over the past 12 months.
Over the past 20 years, prices per m² for houses and flats have increased by 140.7%.

For houses
The average price for houses currently on the market is CHF 2,800,000.
The average price per m² in the Canton of Zug is CHF 15,070/m².
For flats
The average price for flats currently on the market is CHF 1,735,000.
The average price per m² in the Canton of Zug is CHF 15,231/ m² (price per square metre)

Canton of Geneva

Canton of Geneva

Real estate prices in the canton of Geneva have risen by 0.2% over the past 12 months
Over the past 20 years, prices per m² for houses and flats have increased by 122.4%.

For houses
The average price for houses currently on the market is CHF 2,490,000.
The average price per m² in the Canton of Geneva is CHF 13,550/ m² (price per square metre)
For flats
The average price for flats currently on the market is CHF 1,580,000
The average price per m² in the Canton of Geneva is CHF 13,615/ m² (price per square metre).

Real estate prices in the canton

Jura Canton paints itself green

Real estate prices in the canton of Jura have risen by 0.5% over the past 12 months.
Over the past 20 years, prices per m² for houses and flats have increased by 59.5%.

For houses
the average price for houses currently on the market is CHF 650,000.
The average price per m² in the Canton of Jura is CHF 3,873 per m² (price per square metre).
For flats
The average price for flats currently on the market is CHF 490,000.
The average price per m² in the canton of Jura is CHF 4,458/ m² (price per square metre).

Real estate prices in the canton

The canton of Solothurn follows

Real estate prices in the canton of Solothurn have increased by 0.9% over the past 12 months.
Over the past 20 years, prices per m² for houses and flats have increased by 59.6%.

For houses
The average price for houses currently on the market is CHF 959,000.
The average price per m² in the Canton of Solothurn is CHF 5,925 per m² (price per square metre).
For flats
The average price for flats currently on the market is CHF 635,000.
The average price per m² in the Canton of Solothurn is CHF 5,768/ m² (price per square metre).

Real estate prices in the canton

Last among the green flags is the canton of Glarus

Real estate prices in the canton of Glarus have risen by 1.7% over the past 12 months. Over the past 20 years, house and flat prices per m² have increased by 79.5%.

For houses
The average price for houses currently on the market is CHF 692,500.
The average price per m² in the Canton of Glarus is CHF 5,061/ m² (price per square metre).
For flats
The average price for flats currently on the market is CHF 680,000
average price per m² in the canton of Glarus is CHF 6,780/ m²

But let’s take a look at how our beloved canton of Zurich H4 has responded to the market

Canton of Zurich

Real estate prices in the Canton of Zurich have risen by 1.1% over the past 12 months.
Over the past 20 years, prices per m² for houses and flats have increased by 100.3%.

For houses
The average price for houses currently on the market is CHF 1,590,000.
The average price per m² in the Canton of Zurich is CHF 10,150 per m² (price per square metre).
For flats
The average price for flats currently on the market is CHF 1,190,000.
The average price per m² in the Canton of Zurich is CHF 10,352/ m² (price per square metre).

We can say that the Canton of Zurich is coloured yellow.

Your anfina-Team

A brilliant start


Dear readers,

According to numerology, in 2024, the number eight as a sum of squares attracts everything we think of negatively and positively, and we at anfina have been thinking nothing but positive things right from the start.

And the good news is just around the corner:

Our top jewel has been advertised in Europe’s most important property magazine, BELLEVUE!

An irresistible offer for a modern, luxurious penthouse flat in the heart of southern Germany, an idyllic view that relaxes body and mind and that you can enjoy in peace and quiet without having to get up from the sofa.

Let’s see if we can inspire you:

  • Living and dining room with cosy fireplace and practical cooking island
  • Large terrace with mini biotope and automatic fresh water supply
  • Automatic, weather-resistant blinds
  • ….

Are you interested?

Read more

Let’s move on, because there is still a lot of new, attractive offers for private individuals and entrepreneurs who want to invest in property.

Flats in prime locations, penthouses with marvellous views, condominiums in sought-after Zurich business locations and trouvailles that have retained the elegance of times gone by.

Hurry up and take a look at our offers.

Now is the right time to utilise the services of anfina.

We are sure that we also have a solution for you that will optimally complement your future projects. Contact us and let us discuss your needs, we are ready and here for you.

Your anfina team

-anfinaNewsletter 2024-

anfina flats

Die Immobilienangebote von anfina

anfina offers you a wide range of properties to live in or rent out for the most diverse needs in life. We can guarantee an efficient and professional sales process for the buyer and the seller in order to make both parties happy.

You will find the following properties in our offer:

Dreamlike lake view flats in Ticino, such as this one overlooking Lake Lugano, whose crystal-clear waters revitalise the spirit and the senses.

Tempting second homes in the sunny south of Switzerland and in favoured locations that offer relaxation and remain centrally connected to public transport.

Further north through the Italian-influenced canton, you reach the enchanting city of Bellinzona.

The modern Violet Sky residence, which was built and furnished according to the concept of feng shui, is located in a central residential area, not far from the city centre and the main railway station.

The property offers, among other things, a 3.5-room flat with a garden that leads from the living area to the outside and flanks one side of the house (see photo above left).

The large window fronts lend the rooms light and harmony.

Despite its proximity to the city centre, there is no lack of naturalness, thanks to the old vineyards that enrich the area and make the view incomparable.

Now to a true dream property:

The modern and elegant 5-room penthouse flat with 151 m2 of living space in southern Germany has a spacious terrace of 70 m2 and fantastic views over Lake Constance.

The penthouse flat is furnished with carefully selected designer furniture, which will be included in a successful sale.

The flat can be reached directly by lift from the underground car park. Click here to watch the video and see this unique luxury property for yourself

We offer you a highly professional buying and selling process and support you with all financing and furnishing issues. Here are a few references from our past property projects.

The most recent property that we successfully managed was a 4.5-room flat in Zurich, also generously proportioned, with a beautiful balcony and fireplace. To make the flat even more attractive and increase its rental value, the Swiss Creative Company (based in Rümlang ZH) furnished all the rooms with high-quality furniture and made the ambience even more homely.

The flat was rented from a large international property company. With the owner’s agreement, we were able to conclude a long-term contract with this agency. We were therefore able to satisfy all parties with this deal and are delighted with this success.

But that’s not all. anfina also thinks about major investors and that’s why you will find a hidden section on our website (under exclusive properties) where you will find great offers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or send us an e-mail to

Follow us on Instagram for our #ImmoTips and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Your anfina team

Property sales by private individuals


First chapter

Good morning everyone,

We are launching the new ImmoTIPPS section on property.
The first topic we’re going to talk about is a basic but definitely broad one, so we’ve tried to focus on a few key elements in the hope of getting some food for thought and questions. :

“The sale of property by private individuals”.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help.

Click here for more information

We wish you a great day and lots of fun!

Your anfina Team


-anfina for everyone-

A fantastic new project.

fina is preparing a new video podcast format aimed at an audience that enjoys property and financial topics.

With pointed video sequences, we will deal with questions that concern everyone who wants to buy, sell, finance or rent a property, also according to your wishes.

We are aware of the challenges that you, as a busy entrepreneur, busy family, mother, father and partner, or self-employed person, have to go through in order to successfully realise a property project.

Which is why we would like to point out a few essential points for good and stress-free success.

Let’s listen to the words of the FOUNDER & OWNER, CEO – Alain

We are happy to listen to your questions and give you tips on the topics you require.
Get in touch with us!


Your anfina Team

1° August

Swiss National Day

Die allerbesten Glückwünsche an unsere schöne und geliebte Schweiz

Best wishes to our beautiful and beloved Switzerland

To send sincere congratulations to our beloved Switzerland, we decide to retrace the motivation for our celebrations. In just a few lines, we want to give an insight into the long years that have created a piece of Swiss history.

So let’s delve a little into the past, back to the year 1291 to be precise.

That was when the Federalism Pact was signed. A pact in which the canons of Uri, Unterwalden and Schwyz solemnly promised each other mutual support. Legend has it that the representatives of the three founding cantons, the “Three Confederates”, swore on the meadows of the Rütli above Lake Lucerne to liberate the country from the Habsburgs.

It was not until much later, when the 1993 referendum commemorated this alliance, that this date was officially recognised as a day of celebration throughout Switzerland.

But now for some interesting facts about the Swiss flag:

The origin of the red flag with the white cross goes back to the Battle of Laupen in the canton of Bern in 1339. To distinguish themselves from the other combatants on the battlefield, the Swiss soldiers sewed a white cross onto their chain mail, and later the cross also appeared on the weapons and flags of the Swiss soldiers.

…But that’s not all…

The choice of the Swiss flag was not so simple. During the Helvetic Republic (1798-1803), Napoleon Bonaparte decreed a green, red and yellow tricolour for Switzerland, which became the country’s first national flag. Immediately after the collapse of the Helvetic Republic, the tricolour flag was also abandoned.

The flag of the Swiss Confederation in its current form was created in 1840. Historians disagree on the reason for the choice of red as the background colour. Some believe it is an allusion to the blood of Christ, others assume that the red colour originates from the Bernese flag of the time. The square shape goes back to the standard format of war coats of arms at the time. In 1848, the red flag with the white cross finally became the national emblem and was enshrined in the constitution.

The Swiss flag has a special feature: it is square. Apart from that of the Vatican, it is the only flag in the world with this format. Therefore, the coat of arms and the flag of Switzerland do not differ as in other countries: both are basically the same, namely a square red flag with a white cross in the centre.

In gratitude for what Switzerland has given us and continues to give us, we join in the celebrations and wish you all a happy 1st August 2023.

Your team anfina

A topic that is very close to our hearts

Maintaining and preserving a healthy climate on our planet and making a personal contribution to this.

anfina takes a moment to talk about a very important topic.

It’s about caring for and maintaining a healthy climate on our planet and making a personal contribution to it.

Time and again, we have had the impression that nature and the climate all over the world are at the mercy of the whims of humans, who have often been listless, stingy or selfish when it comes to the right approaches and guiding principles.

Not realising that this reflects on future generations, on OUR world. The idea of OUR world is so clouded by the exhaust fumes and emissions of industrialisation that we take it for granted and it slips away from us.

But it’s not too late, it’s never too late, we can do something, and above all we can do it TOGETHER.

We often underestimate the importance of a small gesture, a helping hand, because we consider ourselves too insignificant a benchmark in a world that is too big.

However, if we do without plastic packaging for our takeaway food, use energy-saving light bulbs and automatic circuits or even prefer to walk rather than drive, that would already go a long way.

On 18 June, the new Federal Act on Climate, Innovation and Energy Security was passed (in the referendum) with the aim of achieving climate neutrality by 2050, reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and accelerating the transition to renewable energies.

At anfina, we believe that we can do something in our own small way and we are joining this cause in a self-declared way.

Therefore, we have undergone an ESG sustainability assessment and received a higher satisfactory score, which motivates us to do our best.

We thank Synesgy for helping us with the assessment and invite you to do the same.

We learn to inform. We learn to love.

Ihr anfina-Team

What's behind 'anfina'?

What’s behind ‘anfina‘?

Before we are a team, before we are employees or employers, before we are just a ‘service’ …. we are people!

Women and men who have no etiquette, who get out of the office and mingle among people and run to pursue their goals, but who also run for their suit at the dry cleaners or to pick up their child from school.

People who love, who have moments of discouragement, who laugh and who every day somehow try to get out of their comfort zone to be able to give something more, people who put themselves on the line, who always try to give their best.

We are people like our customers, and that is precisely why before any service, which we can offer, a hand will always be extended with empathy, because we know the difficulties, we recognise the importance of a stress-free experience, with help, with a smile.

anfina for everyone

Your anfina team

Winter magic in Ticino - ski routes in the Luganese region

The four ski routes we tested.

anfinaimmo ag- Winterzauber im Tessin - Skitouren im Luganese

(Magno – Gradicioli)

This impressive photo excursion report on what are probably the most contrasting ski tours in southern Switzerland was published in the 12/18 issue of “Die Alpen” magazine published by the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC). Now we would like to tempt you, whether on skis, on foot, by bike, on horseback or otherwise “mobile”, to tread these paths. Here is a brief summary of the four ski routes we tested.

  1. Monte Boglia / Brè : Monte Bré, Lugano’s north-eastern local mountain, is the most obvious route. It starts below the funicular railway to Monte Bré, from the village of the same name sopra Lugano over the ridge of Sasso Rosso, continuing over the south-eastern flank to the ridge to Monte Boglia (1516m).
  2. Alpe Vicania : which you can start in the most beautiful and uncomplicated way with the scheduled boat from Lugano at Morcote Stazione. Up to the alp at 725 metres above sea level, and therefore 500 metres higher.
  3. Alto Malcantone, Monte Magno – Monte Gradiccioli : This is the longest ascent and descent, but the route stretches from Busgnone up to Mte Magno, where you can decide to continue on to Monte Gradiccioli (1636 metres above sea level), which is 300 metres higher. The views here over Sopra and Sottoceneri and the lakes of Lago Maggiore and Lugano are remarkable.
  4.  Mendrisotto – Monte Generoso : At the southernmost tip of Switzerland, even from the Italian side, this route leads up from Casasco d’Intelvi via Alpe d’Orimento, Alpe Pesciò along the Kaltkürme up to the summit of Monte Generoso at 1700 metres, which the two countries share.

We will be happy to provide you with the full article for you to read in person.

This concludes our tour of the ski routes.

However, we would like to remind you that you can contact us if you are looking for a tour with incredible features to suit all requirements. We are here for you!