What’s behind ‘anfina’?

What’s behind ‘anfina‘?

Before we are a team, before we are employees or employers, before we are just a ‘service’ …. we are people!

Women and men who have no etiquette, who get out of the office and mingle among people and run to pursue their goals, but who also run for their suit at the dry cleaners or to pick up their child from school.

People who love, who have moments of discouragement, who laugh and who every day somehow try to get out of their comfort zone to be able to give something more, people who put themselves on the line, who always try to give their best.

We are people like our customers, and that is precisely why before any service, which we can offer, a hand will always be extended with empathy, because we know the difficulties, we recognise the importance of a stress-free experience, with help, with a smile.

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