A brilliant start


Dear readers,

According to numerology, in 2024, the number eight as a sum of squares attracts everything we think of negatively and positively, and we at anfina have been thinking nothing but positive things right from the start.

And the good news is just around the corner:

Our top jewel has been advertised in Europe’s most important property magazine, BELLEVUE!

An irresistible offer for a modern, luxurious penthouse flat in the heart of southern Germany, an idyllic view that relaxes body and mind and that you can enjoy in peace and quiet without having to get up from the sofa.

Let’s see if we can inspire you:

  • Living and dining room with cosy fireplace and practical cooking island
  • Large terrace with mini biotope and automatic fresh water supply
  • Automatic, weather-resistant blinds
  • ….

Are you interested?

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Let’s move on, because there is still a lot of new, attractive offers for private individuals and entrepreneurs who want to invest in property.

Flats in prime locations, penthouses with marvellous views, condominiums in sought-after Zurich business locations and trouvailles that have retained the elegance of times gone by.

Hurry up and take a look at our offers.

Now is the right time to utilise the services of anfina.

We are sure that we also have a solution for you that will optimally complement your future projects. Contact us and let us discuss your needs, we are ready and here for you.

Your anfina team

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