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Financial Calculator – The Spice of Life

Although foreign funds (debt financing) are more convenient now than they were a few years ago, nonetheless the financial institutions are more demanding than before. With more stringent regulations the state wants to prevent the homeowners to refinance their foreign funds in the future, or at worst have to claim lost of house or request social assistance.

Brochure on different home financing possibilities

New provisions and regulations, such as the promotion of home ownership (WEF) along with the depht funds and 3rd pillar and what has to be considered in addition.

The basis for a worry-free living is the certainty that one can afford the property and upcoming future expenses without having any impact of market influences or interest rate changes.
There is a golden rule, which is applied by all investors. Click for portability calculator (Golden Rule).

The household-expenses check

With a new living situation, many variables are changed in the revenue-expenditure barometer besides the actual living and financing costs, i. e. mobility costs, insurance, energy and computer science telecommunications, leisure activities and taxes.

Insurance status check

A property, whether to acquire an apartment or a house for yourself or for rent, is usually associated with unpredictable risks.

This can be as liability risks arising from the possession of the property to other parties or as assets at risk loss events for the immense financial burden. It also raises the question of whether we could take the property even when income loss through accident, disease or death, as a family, in partnership or other residential compound. What do you have for a risk profile? Check yourself.