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Why choose anfina? 

Anfina does not only offer a single service, but also provides detailed financial advice, deals with large and small investments, property management, risk management, project development and many other services. 

But that’s not all! Anfina follows principles such as discretion, customer care, positivity, open-mindedness, and kindness. We meet the customer’s needs with enthusiasm and professionalism. 

In addition, to ensure that the customer has no difficulty getting in touch or reaching us, we are very centrally located and our services have three languages English, German and Italian. However, you are in good hands even if you speak French. 

You are our strength.


Building sector: 

Architetti Fabio Don IT/CH , Alina Matzukova Master of Architecture, Domus Interiors, Amedeo Menegaz (AM Progetti) TI, Vittorino Schurtenberger ZH

Building company:

Varie GU e TU su richiesta


Banca Rahm u. Bodmer Zürich, Banque de Rothschild,ZH, Julius Bär ZH, UBS, ZKB, Migros Bank


Helvetia, Vaudoise und Allianz Group, Broking

Real estate law, construction law and property law (inheritance and family law):  

Winzeler Steffen, P. Krause Law, Thaler Tschudin, Private Notariate TI/ GR und AG

Recruitment and assessments:

Approach y. Coach, Wilhelm Group

Associations and Federation:

Associazione commerciale Zurigo Est, Enterpreneurs ZH, Maklerkammer, Family Office, membro del gruppo Resort internazionale

“Perfect organisation, precise and welcoming, very central. Excellent experience!”

Dr. Weber Obvaldo.

“My husband and I travelled a lot around the world and when we realised that Switzerland was the right place for us, we decided to buy a house. Amidst a thousand thoughts, being able to count on anfina for us was crucial, they always kept us informed, always had a kind word, and were very precise in their explanations and work, which confirmed to us that we had made a good choice.”

Eveline e Phil, (GB) Erlenbach

“I have been in Zurich for a while and needed some information about my pension plan, fortunately I found the anfina immo ag who helped me with kindness and patience.

Thank you!”

Barbara K. Küsnacht

“I wanted to do financial counselling with Mr. Andreoli, and I did not regret it.

The office is very central, and it was really easy to get there. The professionalism and dynamism with which I was greeted was just the beginning of a pleasant surprise.

Mr. Andreoli was clear and sincere in giving me all the information I needed.

Thank you anfina immo ag see you again!”

King Gupta (India)

“We found the right house for us thanks to the anfina team who supported us in our choice and put us at ease despite our indecision between different properties. With discretion and kindness, they created a pleasant and positive environment.”

Damiano S. e famiglia (Italia)

“We found our dream flat on Lake Zurich with access to a private pool thanks to anfina.”

Philipp Dömer, Cinzia Visinoni